The Hopeless Romantic

In my age, I have probably seen a hundred romantic movies. I have watched way too many romantic series for a person to handle in a month. Some people call me ‘hopeless romantic’, well maybe they’re right. I always daydream and imagine myself in the heroine’s place then I thought, “It must’ve been great if I have a story like hers.” In every movie and drama that I watch, my ideal man seems to change every time. If in one story the leading character is a boy-next-door type or even an arrogant but sweet type of man, then my ideal man will be just that. I live like this. I live in stories’ plots and fairy tales. I daydream for a love story of my own. There are times when I stop and wonder, “Why haven’t mine started yet? Is there really someone special coming to sweep me off my feet?” Watching these love stories drove me frustrated and made me live in a fairytale bubble. Some people say that fairytale endings are only for movies and dramas; that they ought to be that way. They say that these fairytale-like stories are only for motion pictures directed and script-written, not for what’s real.

I believe that these stories are giving many people hope that one day someone meant only for them will come. Someone who will not say “I love you” but instead, “I love only you”; that one person who will not think of any other person but you.

Now I wonder, when will my own love story start? Has it already started and I just don’t realize it yet? Am I even going to have one? Is there going to be that someone that will sweep me off my feet and even take my breath away? – Maybe these things don’t happen, really. Does love exist and come on its own or do we have to act and do something for love to happen? Do people live their one lifetime to only find and search for love? It is ironic how love can make people feel alive in a minute then make them feel like dying the next. Is love really supposed to be this difficult? Do we all have to be this messed up just to feel that one feeling from another person, that feeling of being loved?

Maybe in the end, this will all be worth it but then again, how would I know? I never even had one.


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