About to burst in a sec

What am i feeling feeling for you..

I feel like i am about to burst. Have i really fallen? I never asked for too much attention but why do you have to give me that much and more? I have been thinking about you.. day in and day out. It kills me to know that you’re going. It kills me to know that i won’t be seeing you often.

It is slowly killing me inside.. that these could end in an instant.

But i am happy. You made me so happy for the past few weeks. I feel happy knowing that you’re treating me as the ‘best’, as you have said, “save the best for last” those five words will always remind me of you.

here are the reasons why i fell for you:

1. You have given me so much attention, more than i deserved.

2. You remembered the littlest detail i mentioned or did.

3. You listened when i needed to talk.

4. You made me laugh when you act silly.

5. You did the most stupid things just to call my attention.

6. When i said i was going to get mad at you.. you felt that it was a ‘threat’. You even had a bad mood because of it.

7. …And because you think that i am the ‘best’.

By the time this term ends.. I hope i won’t lose you.


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