Pick up lines

There are tons and tons of pick up lines in the world and with that countless number of pick up lines.. There are categories or types. There are the cute ones, the flirty ones, the soulmate/fated ones and etc.

I didn’t want to make a big deal about your ‘jokes’ but why not use the flirty type pick up lines? I also want to know.. Am i the only one you’re using these jokes with?

You’re making me wonder why all the ‘jokes’ you used are the soulmate/fated type of pick up lines.

“P’wede mo ba kong samahan?
Habang buhay.”

“Mermaid ka ba?
Hindi, bakit?
Kasi mermaid for each other.”

It’s making me think that maybe, only maybe, you have thought of living the rest of your life with me. Flustered.


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