Awkward is the word

That was the most awkward fifteen minutes of my life. I couldn’t utter a word straight up. I mumbled. I stuttered. I over-thought every single word. I couldn’t speak up because i was thinking that every time i spoke, you were not listening.. or was it just me? Ugh. I hated myself.

I missed you so so much but i was not prepared to see you. I was trying to grip my phone but i saw my thumb shaking. Yes, i was that nervous. I had a lot in mind that i wanted to tell you but i choked. I was silent and awkward.

It was hard for me to see you again after a week of squishing my brain analyzing the way you acted. I just couldn’t believe the things that you were saying. I thought you didn’t care but you actually did. It was a relief knowing you cared and tried to find out what happened.


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