Drunk typing or so?

I’m right here sitting, slouched in front of my laptop resting at our dining table. Yes, I converted our family’s dining table into my very own desktop table.. a VERY BIG desktop table, that is. I’m trying to cheer myself up by listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I vaguely know what they’re songs are about but the beats are nice and fun. ‘Chill’ songs.. as others may call them.

A little depressed today but i don’t exactly know why.

I am currently busy writing this blog entry (obviously) when i have two other articles lined up for our org’s newsletter. Just feeling a little too lazy to write them which are due tomorrow, btw. ugh. I hate this. There are reasons why people don’t want to get themselves involved with love.. ’cause it sucks when the game they’re playing is a guessing game and yes, i am so fucking moody right now because of that fucking love! I’ve been clearing my way out of love for the past i-don’t-know-how-long years but heyyyyyy love misses me right now so IT paid me a visit!!!! The only visitor i don’t want to see knocking on my door! fuck. i am so messed up right now. fuck. i am just typing-mumbling right now. I should stop. Feels like i am drunk typing when i’m not even drunk.


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