Mixed emotions

I really don’t know where my head is at right now.
I’m utterly confused. He has been too cold lately. We don’t talk like how we usually do and it’s frustrating. I tried to reach out to him but all i got was a cold reply or none at all. I don’t understand why he has been cold lately. And i actually thought we were close friends.. Like how he told me. I am stressed and i obviously am overthinking things but i don’t know.. I just really miss him.

But now.. Comes another story. A different guy. He gave me a mysterious no-reason-gift a few weeks ago. I managed to keep myself composed after that ’cause i usually become really awkward. I was anxious ’cause i was scared he was going to make another move but he didn’t. There was no grand gestures after that so i took in his gift as a just-a-friendly gift (if there is such a thing) until last monday..
He asked, “Nasaan yung pendant na binigay ko sayo?” (Where is the pendant i gave you?)
I answered, “Uh, nasa bahay.” (At home)
I got surprised. I didn’t see it coming. Is it natural to ask about the whereabouts of one’s gift? I don’t know. I never wanted to give any malice whatsoever but.. Ugh.