This is love, i think?

I love him already, i think. I know love is a big word. It is scaring me too, knowing that i could get hurt more as i fall deeper into this but i just can’t keep myself from feeling this way.

I have my guard down now. I am risking it all. Maybe, i should start preparing myself for what the future has waiting for me. All i can do is hope that i’ll be fine in the end.

I have been wrecking my brains off trying to figure out if perhaps he feels the same way too. I googled and found a lot of sites searching, ‘how to know if he likes you’ and ‘reasons why he’s not yet confessing his love’. I felt ridic when i did that. I guess i was just trying to convince myself of the possibilities but now i realized that even if i spend my whole life googling these things, if he is not going to say it.. Then that’s that.

I’m young and inexperienced. I don’t even know what the difference is between love and like. I don’t know if what i’m feeling is love but what i know is that, he is the person i think of the whole day and it honestly is driving me cray.


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