You’re an asshole. You’re an ass but i’m an idiot for liking you too much. Maybe i’m paying a big debt for being so ungrateful when you were the one who was doing everything to get my attention. I would always go back to the day when you attacked like a cobra and touched my chin slightly. It was a flirtatious attack. I was stunned and weirded but thinking about it now.. It gives me a feeling of intense butterflies flocking inside my stomach. It’s clear. I’m paying my debts. I don’t even know where i stand now. All i know is that i care for you more than anything err well, second to my family. I regret being ungrateful. I regret falling for you because all it did was create this huge awkward distance between us. I long for you. I wish that i could just talk to you without feeling awkward but that would only mean that i’m not in love with you anymore.


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