Ladies, think about it.

Love is crazy. Probably everyone knows that by now. It makes you think of the worst things. It makes you feel the unwanted. It suffocates you. It makes you want to struggle just to survive. That is love. It hurts like hell but comforts like heaven, all at the same time.

It’s a constant game of trickery and flirtation. You don’t really know what you’re getting. That constant poke of mystery which you want to uncover but are afraid to. You want to know what the deal is, really, just so you can finally sit calmly at one side. Not knowing makes you assume things which are 70% not on your favor and is worst than what it really is (principle of expect the worst). Your friends will tell you to go ask him or even confess your feelings just to get it over with. DON’T. It will leave you hollow in the end, that is if things are not mutual. I’m just saying, don’t risk it. At first you’ll think, “oh i have nothing else to lose.” Uhm, hello! You do! Aside from your broken-and-crushed-on-the-ground pride.. You will lose a friend.

No matter how big your love is for him.. Crushing your pride will give you a low self-esteem. Think about it, even if things worked out after you confessed.. Do you think you’ll be ‘that’ confident knowing that you love him more than he loves you? You’ll be constantly on his game checking out for groupies on the side. And honey, it will destroy you.

In this game of love, people say the first one who falls.. Loses but that is not entirely true. The one who fell first was only brave enough to acknowledge his/her feelings. All i’m saying is that, let him do his job. If he’s flirting with you.. Flirt back. If he’s throwing his genius pick-up lines at you.. Throw back a pick-up line. ‘Cause in the end, if he really really likes you more than anyone and if he just can’t live a day without you.. He’ll eventually tell you ’cause he will never let another man have you.


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