Funny Men err.. Boys


I have always been the type who falls for the funny guy. Just make me laugh.. I mean.. Really make me laugh to the point that i bend forward like my head’s going to come off. You’ll eventually notice me getting more and more awkward around you. I will even try hard to hold the urge to laugh each time you say or do something funny.

Yeah, i am a sucker for funny guys. So, I met this one guy, his name is smiley. (Well his nickname is smiley ’cause he smiles all the time) i met him on a trip to Zambales. He replaced a friend of mine who backed out at the last minute. (Not that i fell for him but i honestly think that he’s funny even if he doesn’t intentionally want to be)

He is a Filipino who grew up in California. He came here in MNL to study chemical engineering. He was quiet, preserved, and he looked a bit shy. He is short (maybe around 5ft 2in) but he has a nice built. He has thick brows and thick lips. He drinks a lot. He smokes too (both.. If you know what i mean) he prefers to walk barefoot on the sand (even to places where the sand is just.. Disgusting) he also loves to swim.. On the sand.. When he’s drunk. He did backflips while he was in the ocean. He also did double-turns before throwing the skimboard. He also laid on the shore.. Opened his arms wide and then raised his arms towards the sky. He loves to sleep. Just let him lie on the hammock.. You’ll see him fast asleep. He is not fond of taking a shower (i believe so he is). He also repeatedly used his clothes that are already dirty. After waking up that one morning on the hammock, he complained that his butt hurts.. he didn’t know he was sitting on his phone the whole night. He enjoys singing.. he joined a jam session of Ukulele Manila at the common area. They sang their hearts out while lying on their back.. drunk and high. They called themselves.. The Lying Down Band. And that one thing about him which i’ll never ever forget is this line, “if you know what i mean”.

He was pretty much a third wheel at the trip ’cause he was invited by a couple. I didn’t want him to feel out of place so i decided to be friendly. I found out that he grew up in California. That was it. After hearing his answer.. I closed up. I couldn’t come back after hearing his accent. It was too slang hahaha i looked at my friend right after that while trying to hold the urge to laugh. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a racist. Oh hell no! I wanted to laugh at myself ’cause i felt stupid for not answering back after “California”.

I’m lost. I don’t know where this entry is going. I don’t even know if i made my point yet but.. He is funny, believe me.


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