Then they lived happily.. Without each other

I can only take so much.

I’m tired. I’ve been patient.. More patient than i normally am. I always looked past the things that you did and said that were too much to take in but i’m tired of doing that. I can stomach insensitive comments and statements but for you to disrespect me with no reason at all?! My mother did not bring me into this world just to be treated this way. I know i deserve so much more.

We’ve been talking constantly.. I began to know the real you then it hit me.. I really can never be with you. You’re just impossible to deal with. Your mood changes faster than mine. I’ve been patient ’cause i don’t want us to argue but it’s too much. For a second, while we were talking, i was like “Thank goodness we’re not together.” Maybe God gave me this situation as a clear sign to move on because i have been very stubborn holding on to my own excuses.

So, God, you have made your point and thank You.


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