My journey through weight loss

I used to really feel bad about myself. It’s a cliché but i didn’t like the way i looked when i saw myself in the mirror.

I grew so big ’cause i didn’t give a fuck.. At all. I was happy and being too fat didn’t bother me. I still felt loved.. by men. They gave me attention and maybe every girl feeds on that.. It’s just that in my case, i fed both in attention and food.

Everything changed when i had a fight with the man i fell so hard for. (No, we’re not together. Yes, i was just overly-crushing on him. No, we didn’t fight because he thought i’m morbidly obese.) I got depressed. I cried the whole day and i had no interest to eat. (Thank goodness i’m not a stress eater which is weird for a morbidly obese human being) I acted like this for just a FEW days.

I started exercising for real when a friend of mine suggested to go to Boracay for summer. In my head, i was like “I haven’t been eating for a few days.. If i start exercising now, i’ll probably be ready for the beach.”

I changed my lifestyle completely.

I still had my ups and downs though. My immune system came crushing down. I got sick a few times but i was happy that i was losing weight fast. Some told me i was on a crash diet but what the hell.

So here i am.. 25 pounds lighter in 6 months. I am more confident now than ever before. I am happy but i still need to lose a lot of weight.. And I’m on it!!


DSC01329 IMG_4548


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