Just felt like dumping this here.✌


Constant Bliss

Constant Bliss

I’m at my happiest right now. I feel like everything’s right and nothing else matters.

..well, to be completely honest, a big percentage of why i’m bursting with positivity right now is because of my weight loss. Haha Let’s just say that my confidence skyrocketed and my self-esteem has been like never before. I don’t want to brag or sound like a fucking airhead (’cause i’m not really that pretty plus i’m still fat) but when i see some guys looking at me.. turning their heads or glancing.. it feeds my ego full. Sorry, just let me lay it all out here.. i just have never experienced that before.. those days when i was 30lbs heavier.

At present, i’m happy that i’m single and i’m completely loving it. I don’t sob about it anymore ’cause why should i?