I haven’t been able to post anything for quite a long time.. Many things have changed and i’ve started a new chapter in my life.

I graduated from college and i’m currently working my ass off as a marketing assistant for a real estate company. I have moved on from the jerk i liked back in college. I even tried to date someone from craigslist. (And yes.. I really thought i could find someone decent from that site) it’s no secret.. I am actively looking for that one person.

Currently, i think i have fallen for my office mate. I don’t work with him directly but he was one of the few people who made me feel welcome during my first week on the job. The only way i can describe him, like what i told my friends, he is not the guy i want but he is the guy i need. He’s not my type at all but his small gestures got me good

The objective of this post, really, is to list down all the moments he made me feel special. Hell, the intro got longer than it should be.

•He told me he’ll always wear the shirt i complimented
•He bought me coffee for my birthday
•He told me he’ll take on the projects i’m handling
•He told me i could be a Crissa campus crush
•He volunteered and lent me his trash bin for more than a month
•He shared his pancake with me during breakfast
•He went out and bought me pandesal for meryenda
•Even after almost a week, he remembered when exactly i was absent from work
•He knew what time i went out from work
•He knew i am always online
•He ran out of the pantry to get his food so he can share it with me
•He totally thought i was the one he was talking to but really it was another girl.. His memory got me stored
•He remembers the date when i started i working

(aw shit.. Can’t remember the other things he did for me LOL)

*i’ll just keep updating this list


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